Obi Buckle of Kaga inlay 


Silver,  Kuromidou ,shibuichi ,shiroshibuichi (This is Japanese alloy  ”silver with copper ”) 



About shop kazu

Long time ago, when there was still no carving machinesavailable, metal mold was hand-made produced.

Handmade carved seals have a deep tasteful feeling and softness.

By combining the technique of Kaga inlay (that is traditional craft) and the technique 

ohand-made carving ,Shop kazu has made the product.


At the Nakamura Metal Sculpture Studio, we focus on production and creation.

Our main occupation is making mold carving and carveseal.

Please feel free to ask us directly if you order something special such as metal carving and/ or Kashikiri, Jewelry.

You can also kindly request to visit our studio.

We also sell small plates as company productsThese are designed with historic sites of Kanazawa city.


List of stores :

Kanazawa Station, in the creative lacquer ware-shop Wakou

Ishikawa sightseeing product building, in the creative lacquer ware-shop “Wakou”. (only small plates )

Higashiyama Kanazawa-shiselect shop of traditional craft Kanazawa Bikazari Asano

Saiwaityou Kanazawa-shi, Imaikinpaku Head office.

Hirosaka Kanazawa-shi, Imaikinpaku Hirosaka-shop.

Nakamura Kazue 

1978, born

Now, Work Nakamura Metal Sculpture Studio (one`s family business)


History of Metal sculptor

2000, Graduated from graduate course of oil painting department of art Kinjo junior college.

2004, Graduated from Kanazawa artisan college (Study under Tensei Sakai)

2004, Selected for the 33rd Japanese craft metal works exhibition

2012, Selected for the 68rd Kanazawa city craft exhibition

2018, Selected for the 74rd Kanazawa city craft exhibition

2019, Selected for the 75rd Kanazawa city craft exhibition


HP morinoko‐

 OPEN HOURS: 09:00 am- 17:00 pm (Please make sure to contact us when you come to visit)

TEL: +81-(0)76-252-5117 mobile81-90-4322-2276

Brass tray of Sakura